Spray painting and panel repairs in Alice Springs

Open Hood Blue Car — Panel Beater in Alice Springs
P & V Panel Works has a fully equipped spray painting booth in Alice Springs to restore the showroom finish of your car. We offer a complete range of spray painting services, from partial through to full re-sprays. We use only the highest quality paint from Spies Hecker to deliver a stunning, glossy finish everytime.

Our state-of-the-art Spectro camera enables us to be able to effectively colour-match your paintwork to the rest of your car, if you need a single panel or a partial vehicle spray. All of our full resprays include the removal of any overspray, which will leave your car looking as good as new.

Our services include:
  • Full resprays
  • Partial resprays
  • Custom repaints
  • Custom decals
  • Custom designs
  • Spray painting
  • Panel repairs
Contact us today to discuss your spray painting needs or arrange a competitive quote.